1. RESPECT THE POOL SAFETY RULES (posted at the pool) and instructions from the lifeguards.
  2. DO NOT DISTRACT THE GUARDS: Refrain from socializing with the guards on duty. The guards try to be polite, but it is uncomfortable for them to ask an adult to not distract them. Please remind children of this as well. The guards have important responsibilities and duties and must be alert for problems that may arise.
  3.  NON-SWIMMING CHILDREN (who cannot safely swim on their own) are not permitted in the pool unless accompanied by an adult at all times in the pool. Floating devices, “swimmies”, vests, noodles, etc., are not substitutes for a responsible adult in the pool. Parents share the responsibility for the safety of their non-swimming children. A Coast-Guard approved lifejacket is recommended for smaller children or weak swimmers in the main pool.
  4. SWIM TEST: Lifeguards must be informed by an adult if a child is to be considered a swimmer and allowed in the pool without an adult. The lifeguard shall have the child perform a swim test at a time designated by the guard. Guards determine if the child successfully completes the test.
  5. OBJECTS IN THE POOL: THE FOREMOST CONCERN IS SAFETY!!! Rafts and foreign objects are permitted only in the shallow end at the discretion of the guards. (Some rafts are too large for the guards to see around). You may be asked to remove these during periods of heavy pool usage. No items (balls, noodles, toys, etc.) are allowed in the deep end by children or adults.
  6. NO FOOD OR DRINK allowed in/near the pool or while standing/sitting on the pool apron by children or adults. No alcohol allowed on the premises. Individuals shall not bring alcohol in non-alcohol containers.
  7.  DIVING: Dives from the diving board must always be done so that you enter the water in a forward direction away from the board. Use discretion in the amount of spring force when using the board. DO NOT “hang or pull-up” on the board. It can and will break. Know the board rules and etiquette.
  8.  Any child left alone at the pool must be at least 13 years old and must demonstrate the ability to swim, must be able to follow pool rules and obey the directions of the lifeguards. Permission forms allowing an unsupervised child to be at the pool must be signed by a parent/guardian. Older children are not permitted in the “baby pool” during adult swim.

Non-Swimming Children

  1. Non-potty trained children are not permitted in the main pool.
    • If an accident occurs, the pool must close for an entire filtering cycle (approximately 8 hours).
    • Pampers/cloth diapers are not permitted in the baby pool. Swim diapers only allowed in the baby pool.
  2. Do not put non-swimming children in the water alone with a “noodle” or “swimmies”. These are not life-savers.
  3. If the responsible adult exits the water, the non-swimming child must leave the water until an adult returns and is with the child in the water.
  4. Lifeguards must direct their attention to the entire pool and are not responsible for identifying if a child should be equipped with a floatation device. This is a parent’s responsibility.
  5. Children are not permitted in the main pool without an adult until the child demonstrates, to the satisfaction of a lifeguard, the ability to successfully swim the length of the pool. This requires a swimming test. As time permits, during adult swim time, a guard will administer a swim test which the child must pass before a child is permitted to be in the shallow end alone and before a child is permitted to go into the deep end of the pool. “Passing” of the test is based on the evaluation of the lifeguard who shall mark the date and passing of the test on the Medical Form. Signed forms are to be completed and retained for verification at the pool.
  6. An adult must be present in the baby pool area with any child using the baby pool.

Diaper Changing & Disposal

  • Changing diapers in the Baby Pool area is prohibited by the Health Department. Regulations require this to be done away from all pool areas.
  • Changing tables are available in both bathrooms as a convenience.
  • Do not use picnic tables or lounge chairs to change diapers.
  • Do not rinse items or your hands in the pool after changing diapers.
  • Any child, who is a non-swimmer or requires a floatation device (“swimmies”, vest, tubes, noodles, etc.) for safety reasons, is not allowed in the main pool unless a parent or responsible adult is in the water with the child. Lifeguards are responsible for all swimmers and cannot focus exclusively on non-swimmers left alone.

Parties at BHSC
To schedule a pool party, make your requests at least two weeks in advance to the pool President (Chuck Cerria, 917-601-7388) who will discuss the date, guard coverage, and guidelines. All parties will have a 3-hour limit.

Pricing Policies:
• Up to 15 party guests (including members) $45
• Up to 30 party guests (including members) $65
• Payment is expected at the time of the party

Before the Party:
Inform your guests that non-potty trained children are not permitted in the main pool and are subject to the same policies as diapered children. All rules must be followed by each guest. Do not put lifeguards in the position of asking your guests to remove an infant or small child from the main pool. Please, remember that alcoholic beverages are not to be brought into the pool areas in marked or unmarked containers.