2021 Spring Cleanup and Meeting

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  1. Introduction of Board Members
    • Chuck Cerria -President
    • Summer Carden – Vice President
    • Casey Sisulak – Treasurer
    • Amy French – Secretary
    • Erin Smigal – Member at Large
    • Tom Mann – Member at Large
  2. Membership Update
    • 50 members have already registered for the 2021 season, which is way ahead of previous years.
    • Ideally we would have 75-80 families to cover year over year operating costs of the pool
    • So far there have been 20 referrals to the pool
  3. Operations and Policies Updates
    • COVID operations
      1. Similar protocols to last year: cleaning procedures, social distancing between groups, separate entrance/ exits to the pool, etc
      2. Working with Continental to verify what needs to happen for this year
      3. We anticipate opening the baby pool
      4. Still discussing allowing infants and toddlers, who need swim diapers, in the main pool again this year. Waiting on policy from Continental (pool management company)
    • Parties
      1. We are considering allowing small parties to book at non-peak times.
      2. Board will provide update soon
    • Guests
    • We are leaning towards allowing limited numbers of guests with the potential to need to sign up for guest slots. Once we determine a system, the board will provide an update
  4. Capital Improvements
    • Loan was taken out to fund capital improvements
    • Pool
      1. Currently being replastered
      2. Swim lanes were added
      3. Lights will be fixed
    • Fencing
      1. We will secure the entire perimeter of the property with fencing in the next few weeks
      2. Tennis court fencing has been painted
      3. Fencing between the tennis court and pool will be moved to allow for more room around the pool
    • Tennis Courts
      1. Court is being resurfaced and painted
      2. Resurfacing is a fraction of the cost of ripping out the court and redoing it, may have to explore that possibility down the road
      3. Lines will be painted for tennis and pickleball
      4. If demand for the tennis court becomes significant we may need to have timed sign-ups
      5. Looking at allowing access to courts outside of normal pool operating hours
    • New chairs
      1. We will be adding some new chairs to the pool area as well as table and chair sets
    • Future Possible Improvements
      1. Fire pits
      2. Corn hole
    • Volleyball court
    • Pavilion
    • Pool House
      1. Needs roof repairs, most likely this fall
      2. How can the pool house design better serve our membership
      3. All depends on member input as well as future funding
  5. Lessons
    • Swim team conditioning
      1. Two age groupings: 5-8 and 9+
      2. A parent must accompany all children under the age of 13. Those 13 and over can sign the waiver form for children to attend the pool without a parent present.
      3. Will most likely operate Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the entire length of the summer
      4. Possibility of informal competitions a few times this summer
      5. Still finalizing details, if interested contact us via the swim club email
    • Tennis Lessons
      1. Jim Lopez Tennis Academy will be offering tennis lessons Monday and Thursday mornings 8:30am-11am
      2. Small groups, catering to a variety of ages
      3. Contact us via swim club email if you are interested in finding out more information or if spots are still available.
  6. Open Discussion/ Questions
    • Practice board for tennis
    • We can look into it after the resurfacing work is complete
    • Food Trucks
      1. Ashling Kitchen is confirmed and we are exploring several more
      2. These would be open to the community, not just swim club members
    • Should have representation out during food truck time to be able to answer questions about joining the pool
    • Maybe consider raffling off a membership for next year as finances allow 50/50 raffle?
    • Community Yard Sale
    • Maybe we could use this as a fundraiser for the pool